First Meeting of 2017, tonight, 1/10/17

We opened the meeting by looking back on 2016 for a few minutes, then talking about the new planes we got for Christmas.  Erskine Pou brought some photos of his past work as well as a useful handout on model aircraft design for scratch builders as well as ARF repair projects.  He brought a rebuilt wing that he finished for Joe Mosher.   Then we got down to business

  1. Budget report presented and showed that we have just enough in the bank to get us through the year with conservative spending on field maintenance, etc.  This with only 8 paid members so far in 2017.  The real challenge will be in 2018 if we can’t generate new members this year.
  2. Discussed new membership approaches….main opportunities are publicity about the club and clear public knowledge re how to find the field.
  3. Field needs were discussed.  Two fertilizer applications are needed ….first targeted for mid March.  Gravel and sand needed for muddy areas around pits and low spots in the grass field.  New flight table needs to be built….paved runway needs to be marked.
  4. Field rules discussed….helis and small 3D planes ok to fly in open area in NW quadrant of field (west of main runways) if announced and OK’s by other pilots.  If more than one pilot in the air on main runways, direction of flight and landing intentions need to be announced.  Fly one pattern.  Current AMA membership needs to be verified with all fliers.
  5. Possible event discussed for Spring….no definite plans
  6. Officers elected for 2017:
    1. Bob Ciraldo elected to continue as President
    2. Thomas Prine elected Vice President and Field Marshall
    3. Darrell Haden elected to continue as Treasurer
    4. Doug Cole and Luke Norris elected as Safety Officers
  7. Meeting adjourned