Flying Field Description and Location



Our field is a great place to fly all types of model aircraft.  It has parallel runways: a 400′ paved surface and a 650′ Bermuda grass surface.  It can handle anything from small electric planes to large turbine powered jet models.  The runways are North-South orientated.  There are acres of cleared land around the field beyond the runways.  The field is especially good for gliders due to varying topography in the surrounding land which produces lots of thermals.

IMG_6114                                             IMG_7599

The field is located near Purvis, MS, about 25 minutes from the western part of Hattiesburg.  Exact address is:  1422 Purvis Oloh Rd, Purvis, MS.  Put this into Google Maps and your phone GPS should take you right there.  There are a number of ways to get to the field – all through beautiful country roads.

GPS coordinates:   North  31 degrees 13′ 01.18″     West   89 degrees 30′ 48.61″

Click here for Address on Google Maps