Meeting Summary, 5/14

PBRCA Spring Fun Fly 2016

Great day of flying and fine dining on Saturday, 5/14.  Thomas Prine cooked some boneless ribs that were fantastic.  Had some sides of beans and cole slaw and cookies for dessert.  We also flew!  Ken Loftin maidened his new Boomerang turbine.  The local wildlife was spooked by the unique sound.  Meeting was held and the following covered:

  • Thanks to Thomas and Mike for cutting the field.  Place looks like a park.
  • Will OK the Lamar county fire dept to use the perimeter of the field (not runway)as running track/workout area from time to time.  Liability release form to be provided to them.  This is a good way to engage with county for times when we may need their help.
  • Will pursue further communication with Lamar county board of commissioners to make sure they know us and understand our program.
  • Fun Fly / Swap Meet Event moved to 6/25 so as not to conflict with other events in Byram and Mobile.  Doug will coordinate with Sullys for food within our budget.  No need to bring any “covered dish” items.  Flyers will be printed and distributed this week.