Meeting Summary, 7/23

  • Treasury report:  $2700 in bank after Fun Fly
  • Brief recap of Fun Fly….great reports from all who attended
  • Decision to pay any member $50 for field cutting….coordinate through Thomas Prine.  This is a temporary decision based on available funds
  • MikeRiley resigns as VP due to his move to Alabama
  • Thomas Prine will complete Mike’s term as VP through the end of this year
  • Luke Norris and Doug Cole appointed acting safety officers, replacing Thomas Prine
  • All club officer positions subject to vote and permanent filling at January, 2017 meeting for calendar year 2017
  • Farewell plaque presented to Mike Riley, a solid leader at PBRCA for over 4 years
  • Great food from Bill Meder and Thomas Prine