Meeting Summary, 9/10/16

Ten members present for great day of flying and a steak and beans lunch perfectly grilled by Thomas Prine.  Key points covered at the meeting:

  • Budget report.  Good shape going into the end of the year, including money owed for grass cutting.
  • Encourage dues payment before end of the year by all members. Talk it up with friends and folks you meet re joining the club.
  • Field cutting still being done by Thomas Prine.  Anyone else can volunteer and be compensated.  Coordinate beforehand by calling Thomas
  • Bushhog work needs to be done on high grass areas.  May have to contract out.  Need ideas for who might be able to do this.
  • Fertilizer may be needed before the end of the year.  Bob Ciraldo will consult with turf experts re what we need to do
  • Club officers for 2017 needed.  Anyone interested contact Bob Ciraldo.  Can nominate and continue with current crew, including “acting” positions.  Elections in January 2017.
  • No great enthusiasm for more than one major event in 2017.  One event agreed on.  Date TBD