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First Meeting of 2017, tonight, 1/10/17

We opened the meeting by looking back on 2016 for a few minutes, then talking about the new planes we got for Christmas.  Erskine Pou brought some photos of his past work as well as a useful handout on model aircraft design for scratch builders as well as ARF repair projects.  He brought a rebuilt wing that he finished for Joe Mosher.   Then we got down to business

  1. Budget report presented and showed that we have just enough in the bank to get us through the year with conservative spending on field maintenance, etc.  This with only 8 paid members so far in 2017.  The real challenge will be in 2018 if we can’t generate new members this year.
  2. Discussed new membership approaches….main opportunities are publicity about the club and clear public knowledge re how to find the field.
  3. Field needs were discussed.  Two fertilizer applications are needed ….first targeted for mid March.  Gravel and sand needed for muddy areas around pits and low spots in the grass field.  New flight table needs to be built….paved runway needs to be marked.
  4. Field rules discussed….helis and small 3D planes ok to fly in open area in NW quadrant of field (west of main runways) if announced and OK’s by other pilots.  If more than one pilot in the air on main runways, direction of flight and landing intentions need to be announced.  Fly one pattern.  Current AMA membership needs to be verified with all fliers.
  5. Possible event discussed for Spring….no definite plans
  6. Officers elected for 2017:
    1. Bob Ciraldo elected to continue as President
    2. Thomas Prine elected Vice President and Field Marshall
    3. Darrell Haden elected to continue as Treasurer
    4. Doug Cole and Luke Norris elected as Safety Officers
  7. Meeting adjourned

Meeting Summary, 9/10/16

Ten members present for great day of flying and a steak and beans lunch perfectly grilled by Thomas Prine.  Key points covered at the meeting:

  • Budget report.  Good shape going into the end of the year, including money owed for grass cutting.
  • Encourage dues payment before end of the year by all members. Talk it up with friends and folks you meet re joining the club.
  • Field cutting still being done by Thomas Prine.  Anyone else can volunteer and be compensated.  Coordinate beforehand by calling Thomas
  • Bushhog work needs to be done on high grass areas.  May have to contract out.  Need ideas for who might be able to do this.
  • Fertilizer may be needed before the end of the year.  Bob Ciraldo will consult with turf experts re what we need to do
  • Club officers for 2017 needed.  Anyone interested contact Bob Ciraldo.  Can nominate and continue with current crew, including “acting” positions.  Elections in January 2017.
  • No great enthusiasm for more than one major event in 2017.  One event agreed on.  Date TBD

Meeting Summary, 7/23

  • Treasury report:  $2700 in bank after Fun Fly
  • Brief recap of Fun Fly….great reports from all who attended
  • Decision to pay any member $50 for field cutting….coordinate through Thomas Prine.  This is a temporary decision based on available funds
  • MikeRiley resigns as VP due to his move to Alabama
  • Thomas Prine will complete Mike’s term as VP through the end of this year
  • Luke Norris and Doug Cole appointed acting safety officers, replacing Thomas Prine
  • All club officer positions subject to vote and permanent filling at January, 2017 meeting for calendar year 2017
  • Farewell plaque presented to Mike Riley, a solid leader at PBRCA for over 4 years
  • Great food from Bill Meder and Thomas Prine

June meeting changed to 6/18

Summer is here!  And this Saturday we will have our first event for the year….come on out and participate.  Have fun flying whatever you bring…and if you want to sell or swap it….put a price on the plane or parts.

1502 Purvis-Oloh road.  Your Google Maps GPS will get you there.

10-4 Saturday, 6/25….Public welcome.  Need an AMA card to fly

PBRCA Spring Fun Fly 2016

Meeting Summary, 5/14

PBRCA Spring Fun Fly 2016

Great day of flying and fine dining on Saturday, 5/14.  Thomas Prine cooked some boneless ribs that were fantastic.  Had some sides of beans and cole slaw and cookies for dessert.  We also flew!  Ken Loftin maidened his new Boomerang turbine.  The local wildlife was spooked by the unique sound.  Meeting was held and the following covered:

  • Thanks to Thomas and Mike for cutting the field.  Place looks like a park.
  • Will OK the Lamar county fire dept to use the perimeter of the field (not runway)as running track/workout area from time to time.  Liability release form to be provided to them.  This is a good way to engage with county for times when we may need their help.
  • Will pursue further communication with Lamar county board of commissioners to make sure they know us and understand our program.
  • Fun Fly / Swap Meet Event moved to 6/25 so as not to conflict with other events in Byram and Mobile.  Doug will coordinate with Sullys for food within our budget.  No need to bring any “covered dish” items.  Flyers will be printed and distributed this week.

Fun Fly / Swap Meet Update

We had a mini meeting to continue planning for the event that we are planning for 6/4/16.

  • Event will be a casual, Fun Fly / Swap meet at our field on 6/4..or 6/11…or 6/18..tbd
  • Landing/exhibit/sell fees to be $15 per pilot or seller
  • Includes meal and raffle ticket…contest participation, etc
  • Additional meals and all meals to public will be $5
  • We will buy simple BBQ food from treasury…burgers, dogs, chicken, chips, drinks
  • Flyer to be created and posted on Facebook and this website….also printed and distributed locally
  • Hub City Hobby to be contacted for possible raffle prize donations
  • Primary goal is to expand local interest in the club, generate new membership, encourage swap and sale of planes and parts…..most of all Have Fun
  • May be a few simple contests….flying and static show
  • Need to schedule a work day at field with as many members as possible to move some existing sand to fill some low spots just off grass runway
  • Current grass field looking good after fertilizer, rain, and a few cuts
  • Further details coming soon.

Meeting Summary, 4/9/16

Great day to fly and eat delicious gumbo from Mr. Thomas….thanks to Doug for the rice.  Meeting was well attended and participation was very productive.  Here’s what we covered/decided:

  1. Treasury report:  We are in good shape with 28 paid members.  Have enough money to take care of basics for the year.  However this does not include grass cutting each week.
  2. Membership:  We have 28 paid members but need more.  Welcomed two new members this day.  Some discussion re ideas on getting additional members for the club.
  3. Field Maintenance:  We discussed the issues with grass cutting….who does it and with what equipment.  Currently a volunteer effort.  Many said they would help but the mower has to be there.  Folks providing the mowers have expenses for repair and maintenance.  Cannot at this time afford to pay 50-75 dollars a cut to anyone as it would deplete treasury.  Voted to set aside $150 for repair/maintenance fund for those doing the cutting now.  Submit expenses to treasurer.  This is a temporary solution…more study needed.  Several conversations re getting a used mower and securing at the field (get a used shipping container, etc).  Will pursue but all agreed that security at field is not good.  Fertilizer to be applied by volunteers during week of 4/11.
  4. Public Affairs:  Agreed to get a meeting with Lamar County officials to discuss the club and the field and show them what we do.  May be some way to get assistance from them re cutting or runway marking.
  5. Event:  We agreed to have a casual Fun Fly/Swap Meet tentatively on 6/4/16.  Food would be “bring your own” or limited menu grill food done by members.  No tent rental….would need portable toilets, however.  Goal is to have fun, increase club awareness, and generate some funds for the treasury.  Details being shaped now.
  6. Promotion:  discussed the need for two promotional flyers – one to be a simple leave-behind for use at the local hobby shop or other appropriate locations.  Would explain the club, field, benefits of membership, etc….have the website listed.  The other would be a flyer to promote the Fun Fly/Swap.  One member who has skills and software agreed to put some draft pieces together.
  7. E-mail list:  effort being made to create a master e-mail list for all members.  This would be used for appropriate communication to/among members.  Initial list updated at the meeting.  Will test, update, and finalize soon.



Meeting Agenda

  1. Fly
  2.  Food at noon
  3. Meeting
    1. Treasurer’s report
    2. Welcome new members
    3. Field maintenance plans
    4. Communications…club members
    5. AMA news
    6. Discuss events – fun fly/swap meet
    7. Others items that you feel are important
  4. Fly

Club Meeting…April

We will have our April club meeting this Saturday, April 9, 2016….at the Airfield.  Mr. Thomas will be cooking gumbo… at noon and meet at 1:00.  Of course…fly before and after…..

Agenda to be published soon…